Update – PhotoWonder New Zealand 

November 2015

On November 1 2015, PhotoWonder NZ became the local service brand for PicsOS Limited, offering a modern approach to group fundraising photography in Auckland.

Group photography is challenging, noisy, time consuming and inefficient. In response to this, PicsOS Limited, through PhotoWonder NZ, has developed a unique and proprietary method that alleviates these pain points. Each person in the group has a suite of photos taken which are used in a variety of different images, offering both group and individual styles.

This approach provides higher quality outcomes with greater choice, flexibility, efficiencies, greater yields with far less hassle for our clients.

PhotoWonder New Zealand Acquires Positive Negatives to Expand Offerings

Media Release: December 2014

PhotoWonder NZ, an innovative photography and design company based on Auckland’s North Shore that offers a modern approach to school, sport and cultural group photography, acquired Positive Negatives earlier this year a well-known and respected brand specialising in black and white photography, child portraits, family, corporate and fundraising opportunities. The team at PhotoWonder NZ has taken time to transition the offline business into an online offering, greatly enhancing PhotoWonder NZ’s breadth of photography offerings.

Positive Negatives Press Release

Coupled with Positive Negatives recent move in to a colour offering, PhotoWonder has enhanced the Positive Negatives Preschool and Family Day service by significantly streamlining the administration of photo shoots for clients with online pre-shoot administration, online photo proofing, online shopping, online payments and an attractive digital offering of high resolution retouched images.  Furthermore, PhotoWonder’s modern approach to group photography and digital design capability offers preschools a safer, less disruptive and less stressful option for group photos.

Appreciating the need for their clients to fundraise, PhotoWonder  has aligned with a large nationwide retail chain to make PhotoWonder’s extensive range of Photo-to-Art services available as an additional photo fundraising option.

The Positive Negatives studio in Kumeu has been closed, however studio sittings are available at family day fundraising events.

Archived images taken prior to the acquisition will be made available as copyright free for purchase.

About PhotoWonder.

Starting out in New Zealand in 2001 as PhotoPages offering photo restoration, the business was renamed to PhotoWonder in 2004 and moved to Tokyo in 2006. From there, the company grew its production capacity and expanded its business support network around the world. Today, PhotoWonder operates as a world leader in digital art, restoration and photo enhancement services.

In July 2011, PhotoWonder New Zealand was established, leveraging the company’s global success in digital art and enhancement services to bring new life to school and sports team photography.

Group photography hasn’t changed much in over 50 years, but the world has. PhotoWonder has created a unique and efficient system photographing subjects individually and collaging the groups back together, rather than as a simple hit and miss one-shot class/group/team photo with an old curtain in the background. This allows for fresh, attractive photo design, a flexible photo shoot schedule,  focus and smiles, no inappropriate / embarrassing shots, fewer absentees and a range of individual and personalised photo options – plus many other benefits…

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