Download Flyer: SPORTS STAR 2015

Are you a club, school, charity or community group seeking additional ways to fundraise and add value to your members? Either contact us, or register your interest HERE.

Leveraging our global success in digital art and enhancement services, PhotoWonder NZ offers a modern approach to family, school and sports team photography. To assist our clients with additional fundraising options, we are now offering Sports Star Photo Fundraising days. People of all ages aspire to become sports stars – we make them feel like one!

PhotoWonder offers:
• A wide range of products and templates to choose from
• Online ordering via unique individual access codes
• Online time slot booking (coming soon!)
• Minimal paperwork/administration for your organization
• Digital copies available
• Friendly & professional photographers who love what they do
• Commissionable sales period
• Additional fundraising options available – family photo days, photo restoration and digital art.
A signed rugby caricature of Buck Shelford raised $500 for North Shore Rugby; a signed
baseball caricature x 2 of PM John Key raised $2,400 for Baseball NZ.