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  • One photo session per student to capture ID photo, portrait photos, class and co-curricular photos – all in the one sitting
  • Less time required to capture all images – less time out of class for students/less disruption to the school
  • Option to have sports photos taken “by class”
  • Our unique method of shooting individually offers a lower absentee rate; no “photo bombing”or back row gesticulating
  • If a student or staff member knows they are going to be absent from their school’s photo shoot, they can contact us beforehand to arrange a time to come in to our Takapuna studio and have their photos taken so they do not miss out on being in their class/group photo. Likewise, if they are sick on the day/s of the photo shoot, they can come in within 3 working days post shoot to have these taken. Absentee sittings are $10 per person, week days 9am-5pm only.
  • By capturing individual photos of all students we can ensure quality photos of everyone
  • Stress-free staff photo
  • Choice of traditional and contemporary style group photos
  • Streamlined operations, taking administrative pressure off the school during and after the photo shoot
  • No naming of photos required after the photo shoot
  • Consistent spacing of students in traditional style photos
  • Fresh and vibrant looking photos that portray the professional image of the school
  • Online proofing gallery and webshop for online ordering
  • Personalised group and individual product range
  • Portrait value packs allowing not only different portraits/poses, but ability to create with multiple students/players
  • Option for Photo Awards
  • Digital and Sponsorship models available
  • Additional PTA fundraising options available (digital art, photo restoration, etc)
  • St Joseph's School Orakei have used PhotoWonder now for three years.  They are so easy to deal with, so professional in their work output and so accommodating.  We love their work and love the fact that we can get all students photographed, as because they shoot individually, sick children or new children can just pop into school over the course of the photo shoot and have their photo taken.  Also, because they take so many different shots of the children, you can guarantee you will always get a near perfect group shot, because they put the best shot in the photo.  Overall, they just make the entire process so easy and so uncomplicated, it's a pleasure to deal with them. We would totally recommend you give them a go!St Joseph's School Orakei, August 2017

  • At Oteha Valley School we find the team at PhotoWonder fantastic to work with. From photo shoot day through to delivery of the photos they are both flexible and responsive to our needs. Group photo options are fun and modern and the individual photos of the children are perfect for uploading to our Student Management System.Oteha Valley School, March 2015

  • We absolutely love having PhotoWonder at our school. The staff are incredibly professional yet flexible with the changes that happen unexpectedly in a school day. Working very collaboratively with our staff and the children, the day always seems to run so smoothly and is a very enjoyable experience. There is literally no admin to concern ourselves with other than booking the date and supplying names to PhotoWonder. It’s a hassle free process with great results at the end! Stonefields School, February 2015