Are you a club, school, charity or community group seeking additional ways to fundraise and add value to your members? Register your interest HERE to secure your preferred date for your organisation’s family day. We can help you decide on the best time of the year to shoot, working around school & public holidays. Either contact us or register above and we will be in touch.

PhotoWonder NZ has recently acquired Positive Negatives – a well-known and respected brand previously specialising in black and white photography, child portraits, family, corporate and fundraising opportunities. The acquisition greatly enhances PhotoWonder’s breadth of photography offerings. We specialise in high quality group fundraising photography. We have top photographers capturing stunning portraits of your families and their children.

These fundraising family photo days are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday, or for large groups both days may be required. Each appointment slot is 10 minutes, which normally allows time for an average sized family a:

  • Family portrait
  • Portrait of the children together
  • Individual children’s portraits
  • If you have any special requests let your photographer know at the beginning of your session. We are happy to accommodate if at all possible.

Note – we require a minimum of 30 families to be booked into 10 minute appointment slots. We can photograph up to 40 families in a day.

Our process for family day fundraiser shoots is as follows:
  1. Photoshoot date secured
  2. Online real-time booking link (coming soon) sent to the organiser to send out to families / community
  3. Families book a 10 minute slot online within the allocated time frame (option to charge a $10 sitting fee to make people commit, with $5 going to the centre). Time slot availability will be auto-released in time blocks – with more opening up once earlier blocks are filled.
  4. Photoshoot takes place
  5. Photos are sent to our production team to be all retouched
  6. Webshop for family photos goes live (approx 3 weeks from photo shoot) – email is sent from our system with unique access codes for parents to view/order photos online
  7. Webshop offers free delivery window (back to the centre) for 2-3 weeks (flexible) – thereafter home delivery only
  8. Commissionable sales period is 30 days from when the webshop goes live
  9. Delivery of bulk orders (free delivery) made within 7-14 days once the free shipping window closes.