On November 1 2015, PhotoWonder NZ became the local service brand for PicsOS Limited, offering a modern approach to group fundraising photography in Auckland.

Group photography is challenging, noisy, time consuming and inefficient. In response to this, PicsOS Limited, through PhotoWonder NZ, has developed a unique and proprietary method that alleviates these pain points. Each person in the group has a suite of photos taken which are used in a variety of different images, offering both group and individual styles.

This approach provides higher quality outcomes with greater choice, flexibility, efficiencies, greater yields with far less hassle for our clients.



PhotoWonder NZ History

Starting out in New Zealand in 2001 as PhotoPages offering photo restoration, we renamed the business to PhotoWonder in 2004 and moved to Tokyo in 2006 where we grew our production capacity and expanded our business support network around the world. Today, PhotoWonder operates as a world leader in digital art, restoration and photo enhancement services.

In July 2011, we set up PhotoWonder New Zealand to explore new avenues for our existing services as well as seek new market and product opportunities. From 2013, leveraging our global success in digital art and enhancement services, we embarked on a journey to bring new life to school and sports team photography.

The team at PhotoWonder prides itself on our ability to deliver high quality products and services at competitive prices. We strive to seek and implement ongoing process improvements to help reduce the administrative burden on schools and clubs.

At this stage, we are only servicing the Auckland region.

We are proud to be taking on a mature photography market and being able to offer you a choice – and we don’t just mean in the style of photography.