Modernising school photography with a choice of traditional or contemporary style photos including individual and personalised options. Fewer absentees, less time, less stress….

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Is it proving to be a challenge to get the whole team together? And then someone leaves! Enjoy the flexibility of our composite team photography service. Packages starting from only $100 pp.

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Raising the bar in sports team photography including contemporary, traditional, individual and personalised options. Our unique and efficient photo shoot reduces your club’s workload….

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At PhotoWonder NZ, we have invested a significant amount of time and resource into developing our proprietary group photography process. Having endured a sharp learning curve over the last two years and the many challenges that presented, we are today very proud to be offering a product that stands apart from any other group photography offered in NZ. Group photography can be challenging and time consuming. Addressing the many frustrations faced with “the standard approach”, we have pioneered a unique approach to team, class and group photography offering more choice, flexibility, and far less hassle for our clients. We photograph everyone individually and assemble your groups digitally. All our photographs are taken using high quality, modern photographic equipment, allowing us to assemble images of a professional standard.

Please take a look at our short 2 minute video that illustrates our approach:

Our approach offers/allows:

  • Stress-free group photos – no requirement to try and orchestrate everyone in the group to look good (and at the camera!) all at the same time; nor the need for everyone to be there at the same time.
  • Safety – no more tiered seating risers and the fear of someone falling off…
  • A flexible photo shoot schedule.
  • All photo shoot related marketing materials provided.
  • Focus, smiles and no inappropriate / embarrassing shots – this is your school or club’s “official” group photo for the year/season after all.
  • Fewer absentees.
  • Fresh, attractive group photo designs that portray the “image” of your school, club or organisation.
  • Consumer’s choice of traditional and/or contemporary group photo layouts (both layouts are made available to purchase).
  • ID photos, individual portraits and poses all captured within the one sitting.
  • A wide range of individual and personalised photo options through to photo awards for “player of the year”.
  • Unique and affordable “value print packs” made up of multiple poses, through to the option of purchasing just one portrait photo if that is all you require.
  • For “outdoor backdrops”, there is no dependency on outdoor lighting nor the need to reschedule your “outdoor” photo shoot due to unfavourable weather.
  • Ability to create additional group photos after the photo shoot. For example – school leavers photo; house captains, staff photo, etc.
  • Provision of other services beyond group photography.
  • St Joseph's School Orakei have used PhotoWonder now for three years.  They are so easy to deal with, so professional in their work output and so accommodating.  We love their work and love the fact that we can get all students photographed, as because they shoot individually, sick children or new children can just pop into school over the course of the photo shoot and have their photo taken.  Also, because they take so many different shots of the children, you can guarantee you will always get a near perfect group shot, because they put the best shot in the photo.  Overall, they just make the entire process so easy and so uncomplicated, it's a pleasure to deal with them. We would totally recommend you give them a go!St Joseph's School Orakei, August 2017

  • Photowonder have totally revolutionised the way we now do our team photos. Their technology and processes are way beyond anything else in the market. No longer do we have the ugly inserts with our photos. The flexibility of the photoshoot processes has meant teams who may not have bothered with photos in the past now do. Their product range is fantastic and enables us to have a deeper engagement with our members. We are a progressive Club and like to align ourselves with other progressive organisations.That's why we're with Photowonder.Forrest Hill Milford United Football Club, February 2017

  • Many thanks for your wonderful service that your team has provided this year for our club photos. This was our first year trying something new after having had the same company do our team photos for the past several years. A little scary trying something new given in the past we had always been happy. This being my first year doing part time administration for the club I wanted to make a few changes and show I was up to the job. Well what an impression you made. It was so organised and so much easier dealing with individual players opposed to photographing whole teams. The outcome was fantastic and we have had nothing but compliments on the final outcome.Jan Pratt, Auckland University Rugby Football Club, September 2015

  • At Oteha Valley School we find the team at PhotoWonder fantastic to work with. From photo shoot day through to delivery of the photos they are both flexible and responsive to our needs. Group photo options are fun and modern and the individual photos of the children are perfect for uploading to our Student Management System.Oteha Valley School, March 2015

  • We recently used Photowonder for our Club photos at Western Springs AFC. With over 1400 children having their photos taken in three nights, this was no small task. Jon and his team worked with the Club pre and post the event to ensure the process was smooth from end to end. The ability for children to quickly have their photo taken individually and move on was fantastic. Photowonder provided great photo options with advanced technology plus web based ordering and payments. This has enabled our parents to have more choice around what they wanted rather than being stuck with the standard photo that we have all seen for a number of years. All this has been a real step up! Michael Hope, Chairperson Junior Committee Western Springs AFC, March 2015

  • We absolutely love having PhotoWonder at our school. The staff are incredibly professional yet flexible with the changes that happen unexpectedly in a school day. Working very collaboratively with our staff and the children, the day always seems to run so smoothly and is a very enjoyable experience. There is literally no admin to concern ourselves with other than booking the date and supplying names to PhotoWonder. It’s a hassle free process with great results at the end! Stonefields School, February 2015.

  • The East Coast Bays Barracudas Rugby League Club has been using the services of Photowonder to take our team photos for the past two years. We were looking at changing our photographer and Photowonder came highly recommended to us by a mutual friend. We found the service and the level of professionalism shown by the team at Photowonder to be of a very high standard. The end product was beyond our expectations and as a club we could not be happier with the level of service and the quality of the end product. The East Coast Bays Barracuda’s Rugby League club is looking forward to a long working relationship with Photowonder and would highly recommend their services to any school or sporting facility. Bryce Swainson, Chairman East Coast Bays Barracudas Rugby League Club - January 2015

  • It was fantastic! As I said to Lucinda and Lauren at the end, I was amazed by the calm and organised way the whole thing proceeded. The feedback I had from parents was that they were thrilled with the fast efficient way that everything was handled, in-and-out in a matter of minutes. The few people who weren't able to be there for their scheduled times were very grateful to be able to sneak in at the end. I was there as the nominated helper for the session, but didn't need to do anything at all. Next year I'll bring a book... 🙂 We're all really looking forward to seeing the finished products. Thanks so much for making it all so easy.Clevedon FC, August 2014